Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here come the opinions...

America has turned away from what it was originally founded on. The first American settlers founded this country on the belief that there was a higher power, and that higher power was Christ. They left their home country to have the freedom to worship the Lord. They left their comfort zones, because they believed it was worth the sacrifice. Now look at this country, what do you see? You see people doing all they can to shove God, and the basics which were founded on, out of everything. They take Him out of schools, government, and even to the extremes of trying to dictate what we do in our own churches. Then after these people have basically turned their backs on God and everything of him, they mourn over the poor state of America. They see the economy going to pot, worry about other nations coming against us, then wonder why. If you read in the Bible Leviticus 26:14-39 it explains why America is falling apart, and for that matter why it will keep on this same path until something is changed. It reads, “But if you do not obey me and keep all my commands, and if you turn away from my rules and hate my laws, refusing to obey all my commands, you have broken our agreement. As a result I will do this to you: I will cause terrible things to happen to you…I will be against you, and your enemies will defeat you. These people who hate you will rule over you…you broke my agreement, and I will punish you.” Now, does this give you any ideas about your questions? Yes, God is a loving God, even when we don’t love or even care about Him. That’s why He allowed America to be prosperous for so long. He helped our forefathers build a great country that has been among the most powerful nations in the world. Tell me this, if God were so hateful why would He have tolerated America to come this far? Your answer: He’s not! America hasn’t exactly been improving morally or spiritually over the years. The killing of innocent babies is at its highest, as is illegal drugs, cursing the Lord, murder, and especially the whole attitude of apathy towards God. The same people who are doing these things are also the ones who say God is a horrible God for bringing all this upon us etc. etc. Now, you cannot tell me that if your children are disobeying you left and right, cursing your name, and doing anything possible to push you out of their lives, that you wouldn’t take some drastic measures. If you can honestly say you’d let them do what they want, as long as they were doing what made them happy, you need some help. Knowing this, why would you think God would let His children do that? He honestly loves us too much to let us skip off to Hell that easy. America as a whole is on a dead sprint to Hell. God, being the loving God that He is, is trying to get our attention. If He has to use poverty and foreign threat, so be it, He’ll do what it takes to get His first love back. God isn’t the kind of God that holds Hell over our heads to scare us; it’s an actual reality we need to understand will happen if we don’t change our hearts. He really doesn’t want to send anyone off to Hell to be burned alive for all eternity. At least no more than any normal parent would want their kids burned. He’s not going to just sit back and reward those who decide not to follow him, though. This is why He sent His only son to die for our sins, so we can have eternal life in Heaven. As it says in Romans 10:9-10, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that He rose from the dead, you will be saved.” We need to turn our country back to God. God isn’t just a “Hellfire and brimstone” kind of God. He’s a God full of love and mercy, ready to give anyone another chance. He knows we’re all human, we make mistakes, yet He loves us nonetheless. God is willing to give us another chance, but we need to come to him in repentance and turn our hearts and lives over to him. Although, if we keep walking in our own ways and ignoring Him, He will crack the whip.

First Blog.

First time blogger...what to say.
i've decided that i sometimes get sick of Myspace and Facebook, so i need something else to do in my boredom. The lucky winner is BLOGGING! How exciting. =p
i'm not quite sure what i'm gonna write about yet, but i'm sure i'll think up something. i'm thinking maybe i'll post some of strong beliefs about issues like abortion, gay marriage, Christianity/God, things like that. Then i'll throw in some random posts every once in a while just about random occurrences in my life. Maybe i'll let you in on parts of my confusing relationship with this guy...stuff like that. it's what blogs are for i guess.
if you find what i write at all intriguing, don't hesitate to become a follower. Maybe i'll post a smily face to one of your blogs to show my appreciation. =D

Anyway, that's all for now.
This is Hannah signing off...